R. E. Froud & Associates (Probate) Ltd

We can help with the administering of a loved one's estate during what can be traumatic and overwhelming time and reduce the burden on the executors.  

Since December 2014, the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) became an approved regulator for probate services.  This meant that, once licenced, an approved Chartered Accountant/Management Accountant and ICAEW member could provide clients with a full probate service.

R. E. Froud & Associates became authorised by the ICAEW in March 2021 and are able to carry out the reserved legal activity of non-contentious probate, which is the vast majority of cases.  You would normally need to engage an accountant and a solicitor for the probate process, as we offer the full service you only have to engage one party. 

R. E. Froud & Associates charge for probate services on a cost-effective hourly basis.  There are no percentage of estate charges and we are confident that our charges compare extremely favourably to those charged by solicitors and banks. 

For existing accountancy clients we bring an established understanding of your financial position, ensuring that the probate can be handled with additional efficiency and minimal intrusion.  If  the deceased was not a client we can still deal with the probate application should their accountant not be licensed to do so.

We can help with the entire process or we assist when needed if you wanted to do the process yourself.  The full service, which can take several months to complete depending on the estate, would include:

  • - Dealing with grant of probate;
  • - Completion of HMRC returns;
  • - Agreeing inheritance tax liability with HMRC;
  • - Payments of liabilities;
  • - Distribution of the estate in accordance with the will;
  • - Preparing the estate accounts;
  • - all other aspects of the probate application process.

Fees can be based on a fixed rate basis or by an hourly rate.

If you would like to find out more please either use our contact form or email us.

Alternatively please call us on 01373 302468 

R. E. Froud & Associates (Probate) Ltd - Company registration no: 12770987

Licensed by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales to carry out the reserved legal service of non-contentious probate in England and Wales.

Details of our probate accreditation can be viewed at under reference number C008826031.